Hi Riders!

Here are your proofs organized by class. Hope you like them and consider ordering a print or digital download! For each photo that you like, if you click on it, you should see a "buy" button: its usually green or blue. Then click "buy this photo" which brings up all of your options. If you are looking for prints, choose "paper prints" and you can see all the sizes and prices I offer. (If you are looking for canvas or something like a coffee mug you can shop around under "wall art"" or "keepsakes".)

I also offer digital downloads, some people prefer to download the photo and print it themselves. You can add what you choose to your "cart" and then shop for other photos and add those as well. Let me know if this helps, or if I can be of any more assistance! Great job!


Note: Please do not use screenshots on social media, purchase a digital download! I love taking pics at your event but I can't afford it if my photos are used without any compensation. I hope you understand! Thanks and great job riders!!